ODPI-C Enumeration dpiExecModeΒΆ

This enumeration identifies the available modes for executing statements using dpiStmt_execute() and dpiStmt_executeMany().

Value Description
DPI_MODE_EXEC_DEFAULT Default mode for execution. Metadata is made available after queries are executed.
DPI_MODE_EXEC_DESCRIBE_ONLY Do not execute the statement but simply acquire the metadata for the query.
DPI_MODE_EXEC_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS If execution completes successfully, the current active transaction is committed.
DPI_MODE_EXEC_BATCH_ERRORS Enable batch error mode. This permits an an array DML operation to succeed even if some of the individual operations fail. The errors can be retrieved using the function dpiStmt_getBatchErrors().
DPI_MODE_EXEC_PARSE_ONLY Do not execute the statement but only parse it and return any parse errors.
DPI_MODE_EXEC_ARRAY_DML_ROWCOUNTS Enable getting row counts for each DML operation when performing an array DML execution. The actual row counts can be retrieved using the function dpiStmt_getRowCounts().