ODPI-C Enumeration dpiEventTypeΒΆ

This enumeration identifies the types of events that can take place. The event type is part of the messages that are sent to subscriptions.

Value Description
DPI_EVENT_NONE Indicates that no event has taken place.
DPI_EVENT_STARTUP Indicates that a database is being started up.
DPI_EVENT_SHUTDOWN Indicates that a database is being shut down.
DPI_EVENT_SHUTDOWN_ANY Indicates that an instance of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is being shut down.
DPI_EVENT_DEREG Indicates that a subscription is no longer registered with the database and will no longer generate events.
DPI_EVENT_OBJCHANGE Indicates that an object change has taken place.
DPI_EVENT_QUERYCHANGE Indicates that a query change has taken place.
DPI_EVENT_AQ Indicates that a queue has messages available to dequeue.