Object Practice - Object Storage Service

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Practice 1: Sign in to OCI Console and Create Object Storage Bucket

Practice 2: Upload Object and create pre authenticated link


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service is an internet-scale, high-performance storage platform that offers reliable and cost-efficient data durability. The Object Storage service can store an unlimited amount of unstructured data of any content type, including analytic data and rich content, like images and videos.

With Object Storage, you can safely and securely store or retrieve data directly from the internet or from within the cloud platform. Object Storage offers multiple management interfaces that let you easily manage storage at scale.

Object Storage is a regional service and is not tied to any specific compute instance. You can access data from anywhere inside or outside the context of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Object storage offers 2 tiers:

1- Use Standard for data to which you need fast, immediate, and frequent access. Data accessibility and performance justifies a higher price point to store data in the Object Storage

2- Use Archive for data to which you seldom or rarely access, but that must be retained and preserved for long periods of time. The cost efficiency of the Archive Storagetier offsets the long lead time required to access the data

The purpose of this lab is to give you an overview of the Object Service and an example scenario to help you understand how the service works.


Note: OCI UI is being updated thus some screenshots in the instructions might be different than actual UI

Before You Begin

Practice-1: Sign in to OCI Console and Create Object Storage Bucket

  1. Sign in using your tenant name, user name and password.

  2. Once signed in select the compartment assigned to you from drop down menu on left part of the screen

  3. From the OCI Services menu,click Object Storage then Create Bucket

NOTE: Ensure the correct Compartment is selected under COMPARTMENT list

  1. Fill out the dialog box:
  1. Click Create Bucket
  1. Windows: Click the Apps icon in the toolbar and select Git-Bash to open a terminal window.

Change directory to the Downloads folder Enter command:

$ cd /c/Users/PhotonUser/Downloads/**

  1. Create a sample file, Enter command:
    touch samplefile

    This should create a file by the name”samplefile” in the current folder

  2. Switch to OCI window and click the Bucket Name.

  3. Bucket detail window should be visible. Click Upload Object

  4. Click on Upload Object and then browse to where you created your samplefile moments ago.

  5. Select the file, then click Upload Object in the Dialog box.

  6. File should be visible under Objects. Click Action icon and click Create Pre- Authenticated Request. This will create a web link that can be used to access the object Without requiring any additional authentication.

  1. Fill out the dialog box:
  1. Click Create Pre-Authenticated Request

  1. Click Copy to copy the link

NOTE: The link must be copied and saved once the window is closed the link can not be retrieved again.

  1. Click Close

  2. Open a new browser window and paste Pre-Authenticated link.

  3. An option to download the file will appear.

NOTE: Do NOT download the file as due to space restrictions it is not allowed for the purpose of this lab.

You have uploaded an object to Object Storage bucket, created a pre-authenticated link and successfully accessed the object. The Pre-Authenticated link can be shared with other users to provide them access to the object. Multiple objects of any size can be uploaded to the bucket and shared across teams/users.