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Self-Paced Labs

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Level 100

Please do these labs in the order they are listed. Starting with the Identity lab and working your way down to the Reserved Pubic IP lab.

Governance and Administration

Name Type Time
Identity Foundational 20 minutes
Audit Foundational 10 minutes

Core Infrastructure

Name Type Time
Virtual Cloud Network Foundational 10 minutes
Compute Foundational 10 minutes
Block Storage Foundational 10 minutes
Object Storage Foundational 5 minutes
File Storage Foundational 10 minutes
Load Balancer Foundational 15 minutes
Reserved Public IP Foundational 5 minutes


Name Type Time
Autonomous Transaction Processing Foundational 20 minutes
Autonomous Data Warehouse Foundational 20 minutes

Level 200

200 - Core Infrastructure

Name Type Time
Console Connection Advanced 20 minutes
NAT Gateway Advanced 20 minutes
Local Peering Gateway Advanced 20 minutes
Service Gateway Advanced 5 minutes

200 - Solutions, Platform and Edge

Name Type Version
Terraform and Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) DevOps 30 minutes
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry DevOps 15 minutes
Deploying Jenkins DevOps 30 minutes
Resource Manager DevOps 20 minutes
OCI Command Line Interface DevOps 30 minutes