Install Skater


Skater relies on

  • scikit-learn>=0.18,
  • pandas>=0.19,
  • ds-lime>= forked version of LIME),
  • requests,
  • multiprocess,
  • joblib==0.11,
  • dill>=0.2.6,
  • rpy2==2.9.1; python_version>”3.0”,
  • numpy
  • with v1.1.0 there are additional dependencies on R related binaries(

External/Optional dependencies

  • Plotting functionality requires matplotlib>=2.1.0
  • tensorflow>=1.4.0
  • keras>=2.0.8


We recommended that you use a virtual environment to ensure your system is not modified by an installation (virtualenv, conda environment). Detailed instruction could be found at install conda

Quick summary to install conda and setup the python environment(recommended steps for using python3.x)

1. wget -O
2. bash -b -p $HOME/miniconda
3. export PATH="$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH"
4. conda config --set always_yes yes --set changeps1 no
5. conda info -a

Managing conda virtual environment. For details, check here

1. create: conda create -n skater-test python=3.6
2. activate: source activate skater-test
3. deactivate: source deactivate


Option 1: without rule lists and without deepinterpreter
pip install -U skater

Option 2: without rule lists and with deepinterpreter:
1. Ubuntu: pip3 install --upgrade tensorflow (follow instructions at for details and          best practices)
2. sudo pip install keras
3. pip install -U skater

Option 3: For everything included
1. conda install gxx_linux-64
2. Ubuntu: pip3 install --upgrade tensorflow (follow instructions for
   details and best practices)
3. sudo pip install keras
4. sudo pip install -U --no-deps --force-reinstall --install-option="--rl=True" skater==1.1.1b1


Skater is available in the conda-forge channel with builds for Linux and OS X. The latest version of the library is not updated on conda, #223)

conda install -c conda-forge Skater


python -c "from skater.tests.all_tests import run_tests; run_tests()"