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SODA - Simple Oracle Document Access

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Package Description
Contains the core SODA interfaces and classes.
Contains RDBMS-specific SODA interfaces and classes.
SODA - Simple Oracle Document Access

SODA is a simple API for working with document collections. The API is primarily designed for working with JSON documents, although other types of document content, such as images, audio, and video, are supported as well.

Find, insert, replace, and remove are some of the operations provided on document collections.

The core interfaces are:

Interface Description
OracleClient Entry point for working with the API. For the Oracle RDBMS SODA implementation, the entry point is the oracle.soda.rdbms.OracleRDBMSClient class, which implements this interface
OracleDocument Document
OracleDatabase Database of document collections. Provides methods for opening of collections
OracleDatabaseAdmin Provides DDL and metadata methods, such as collection creation, for the OracleDatabase
OracleCollection Document collection. Provides find(), insert(), etc. methods
OracleCollectionAdmin Provides DDL and metadata methods, such as index creation, for the OracleCollection
OracleOperationBuilder A builder and executor of read and write operations on the document collection
OracleCursor Returned by OracleOperationBuilder.iterator(). Allows iteration over results of a read operation on the document collection. The next() method returns the next OracleDocument from the result

Note: future additions to the SODA interfaces are possible
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